Miss Hall’s Makes


Miss Hall’s Makes is a platform for student and community work created at Miss Hall’s School in the Berkshires. Curated by students, the blog spotlights voices as diverse as our school community and features a variety of content in various media—from poetry and essays to visual art and videos to original music and podcasts. 

Our aim is to celebrate the ideas, creativity, and bold thinking that happens at Miss Hall’s and share it with the world. 

Meet the Team: 

Yuki Wei  ’20 — Editor

Yuki is a Senior at Miss Hall’s School. She is passionate about Environmental Science, Social Justice, and International Relations. 

Kande Charles ’20 — Editor

Kande is a Senior at Miss Hall’s School. She is passionate about Communications and Psychology and plans to pursue a career in Mass Communications. 

Ginny Zhang ’20 — Producer

Ginny is a Senior at Miss Hall’s School. She is interested in Educational Studies, Business Management, and Finance.

Linh Tran ’21 — Editor & Producer

Linh is a Junior at Miss Hall’s School. Her passions are Cinematography, Literature, and Gender Equality. 

Linda Le ’21 — Producer & Social Media Manager

Linda is a Junior at Miss Hall’s School. She is interested in Communications and passionate about Social Justice and Activism. 

Wendy Weeks ’21 — Social Media Manager

Wendy is a Junior at Miss Hall’s School who is passionate about Sports Physiology and Animal Rights.

Submission Guidelines:

MHS students and teachers are invited to submit content for consideration to MissHallsMakes@misshalls.org

A variety of media and content created in a wide range of academic disciplines and perspectives is encouraged. Works created in an MHS course and that are of general interest and appeal to audiences beyond our school community are preferred. Examples include but are not limited to: essays, research-based projects and case studies, visual art projects, poetry, original compositions, and data projects. 

Please submit all written work as a Google Doc and all images as JPEGS in the highest possible resolution, with a minimum of 1,800 pixels. Video files should be submitted as Vimeo or YouTube files and audio files as Soundcloud files. 

Written pieces of any length may be submitted with the understanding that they will be excerpted or edited for blog-readiness to 800 words or less. 

Our student editorial team reviews all submissions, communicates with content creators, selects content to be published, and prepares posts for the blog. The team can be reached at makeseditorial@misshalls.org.

The team is overseen and advised by faculty member Liz Kulze, and the content is reviewed by Director of Communications David Smith, in collaboration with other MHS faculty.