“Aspiration,” an Amalgam Poem by New International Students

An original poem co-written by new international students at Miss Hall’s.

At the start of each year, new international students at Miss Hall’s undergo English Language testing to place them in one of three English Language classes . This year’s test asked students to add several lines to Mary Sarton’s poem “Rinsing the Eye.” This poem was created using one line from every student’s response by English Language teacher Marian Rutledge.


I miss you, my dear
standing here with myself and nature
tears in my eyes—
standing in a lost garden
I repent.
To walk in the park,
To rest in grasslands,
There was a target in my heart.
Everything I want to give up,
it will tell my to keep going. I can’t find it—
That garden was gone
and I am lonely and fragile.
But don’t be worried, new generation—
It will be fine. I can see
the flowers blooming in the sunshine,
and I can see everything I couldn’t see.
The tired old deer starts to jump,
untouched by the glass that blurs
my vision—
Rinse the eye, my friend. There is no glass left
and I’m alive again. So I can
rest here, in wonderful peace.
It is time to shine, to meet the new world.