“Hivemind,” An Original Poem

“Your mouth is a stinger/ Your face is a stranger/ You are dripping venom lies.”


This is Bianca Kerr’s ’23 first poem. She hopes to expand her rhetoric by experimenting with poetry in the future.

You did not speak at first.

You watched with bright eyes,

You smiled warm honey,

You laughed pure sunshine,

You made a hive but

You spread your arms and welcomed wasps.

You didn’t see the gossip dribbling off their lips,

You didn’t hear the hypocrisy bubbling in their throats.

You looked at me with insect eyes and

You didn’t feel the slander swirling on your tongue.

You didn’t taste the poison that pooled around your mouth.

Your whispers are an acid hiss in my ears,

Your mouth is a stinger,

Your face is a stranger,

You are dripping venom lies.