Poem: “When They Demand Your Complacency”

“When they demand your complacency/Stop/Close your eyes/Listen to the rhythm of your heart…”

I wrote this piece for my creative writing class. The prompt was to write a ‘how to’ poem, and the first thing that came to mind was how, in society, women and girls are always told what to do, so I wanted to say, “No, I won’t do what you’re telling me.”

When they demand your complacency


Close your eyes

Listen to the rhythm of your heart



When they demand you obey

Damn the consequences

Push your way forward

They WILL NOT keep you down

When they doubt your power because of the way you look

Smile the sweetest you can

Tell them venom runs in your veins

Poison lives in your heart

Your brain will be the strongest force they’ve ever come across

When they tell you to stop

You’re going too fast

Laugh because they have no idea how fast you can go