Poems: “Place of Joy” and “Remember Me”

“Occasionally I’ll remember what I’ve worked so hard to forget/ Never when I want, but always when I’m wanting…”


Photo by DANNY G on Unsplash

“Place of Joy”

Occasionally I’ll remember what I’ve worked so hard to forget
Never when I want, but always when I’m wanting
They come like burns
Realization, delay, pain
Sinking in water to stop the reaction never seems to work, yet it never stopped me from trying
Again and again
Around and around
Like the tetherball pole
Where they made fun of the curls in your hair and your crooked teeth
Which you tried very hard to change
Every night in the cracked mirror before bed
But no matter how hard you tried, you still looked the same
You wanted them to like you so badly
I just wanted them to like me

“Remember Me”

Behind a dresser lays a cracked photo frame
It holds a photo of two young girls smiling
I have no plans or intention to pick it up
In truth I miss you, but I know you rarely, if ever think of me
I remember lying on your carpet and telling secrets to each other
I still remember how you trusted me to keep them
I never told anyone them
You promised me we would keep in contact
I had your word
You had mine
I wondered why I wasn’t good enough
I guess I still do to this day
I wonder what you would think of me today
I don’t have my same sense of wonder, but maybe you would still like me
Maybe we could have still been friends, If I didn’t leave
But I doubt it
And I doubt I’ll ever have closer
So until then
The frame will remain behind the dresser