Student Artist Spotlight: Honey Fields ’24

“I don’t like to force things, and most of my ideas happen naturally.”

Honey Fields ’24 is a photographer from New Marlborough. She has two brothers and plays basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. She also likes to sing, and play guitar and the ukulele.  

Could you tell us a little bit your process?

Whenever something comes to mind, I take it and run with it. When I see another artist’s work that I like sometimes, I try to recreate it as well. I also get inspiration from ideas from other students in my photography class.

What do you do when encountering challenges during the creative process?

When encountering challenges during the creative process, I like to go out and do errands and basic everyday activities, while refreshing a topic or an idea. I don’t like to force things, and most of my ideas happen naturally.

How would you describe your style?

I find this difficult and funny to answer, because only recently have I started labeling myself as a photographer, so I don’t really have a whole style yet. There are things that I do and don’t like, but I don’t think my style has fully formed yet. 

What inspires you and why? 

Both of my parents are artists. My mom is a photographer, and my dad is an artist, so there is always some creativity happening in the house. Living in the Berkshires also gives me inspiration, because there is always something to take a picture of, like people, nature, almost anything. I also have a goose, cat, dog, chickens, and find inspiration from them. I also follow my brothers around sometimes and get inspiration from them as well 

How has your style evolved during your time at Miss Hall’s? 

My style and photography skills have evolved from before quarantine to after I took photography. Before I took the class, I was just taking pictures if there was an event or if I saw something pretty or just day-to-day things, but now I’m finding more creative outlets and ways to express my ideas and interests through my work.