Student Artist Spotlight: Jingtong Zhang

“Exploring the joy in the creative process gives me a lot of freedom and satisfaction.”

Jingtong Zhang ’20 is an artist who works in a variety of mediums. In recent years, she has taken a special interest in jewelry, working primarily with metals and ceramics. For more on her process, check out the interview below.

Could you tell us a little bit about the process that went into each piece, and how it is meaningful you?
I started to learn about jewelry, especially contemporary jewelry, two years ago. To create each project and each piece, I learn to use new materials and new concepts. Exploring the joy in the creative process gives me a lot of freedom and satisfaction.

What were some challenges you encountered in creating these pieces, and how were they overcome?
My biggest challenges always occur during my creative process. I struggle for a long time to find the best solutions to realize my concepts. But even if I spend a long time on one project I am still satisfied with the outcome.

What inspires you and why? 
A lot of my subjects are related to nature and science. I find it interesting to apply scientific ideas to art.

How has your style evolved during your time at Miss Hall’s?
When I first came here as a freshman, I focused on my skills and how to create good images. As I continued exploring art, I started to ask myself, what do I want to express? I also began to explore more mediums and materials, instead of just limiting myself to paper and 2D works. The encouragement the Art Department faculty gave me was crucial to my improvement; without their support and suggestions, I would never be able to grow this quickly as an artist.