Student Artist Spotlight: Matilda Tran

“My photographs are usually feelings that I struggle to put into words.”

Matilda Tran is a senior at Miss Hall’s who enjoys photography. MHS Makes asked her some questions to understand a little bit more about her process and work.

Could you tell us a little bit about the process that went into each piece?

Most of my photography is on color film and has been chemically manipulated with a technique called “film soup.” That’s what gives the images vibrant stains, but the chemicals also wash away part or all of the film layers sometimes, which makes the process really unpredictable and almost nerve-wracking. My digital photography pieces are usually more planned out and embody a specific concept, but they still have an element of unpredictability and strain.

What were some challenges you encountered in creating these pieces, and how were they overcome?

In photography, I find it hard to get the image I have visualized because of unexpected elements like insufficient natural light and wrinkles in the background fabric, but that’s also where spontaneity comes in, and I like being pushed to embrace that spontaneity.

How would you describe your style?


What inspires you and why?

My photographs are usually feelings that I struggle to put into words.

How has your style evolved during your time at Miss Hall’s?

I’ve been able to experiment with different techniques/approaches to find what works and whatever I want to do, I always have huge support from my teachers (all of the art department, actually) to make it happen.