Student Artist Spotlight: Sammie Yu ’22

“Art should not be defined by anything.”

Could you tell us a little bit about your process?
Before I made these pieces, I had never ever tried collage as a form to express my artistic voice. To be honest, the process was struggling. I kept asking myself, “What image do I want to present on?What ideas do I want to illustrate? What construction should my pieces be like?” Those three essential questions are the foundation, and my thoughts shape my final collage. One challengeable thing about digital collage is that you seek the materials from the internet sea but not only from several magazines.

What inspires you and why? 
My inspiration comes from the things I love in my life. My favorite anime, my favorite song, my favorite character, or my favorite animal can all inspire me in my work. One thing I love about my art is that I can let my preference integrate in my pieces and share them with audinence.

How has your style evolved during your time at Miss Hall’s?

MHS’s art courses have changed my thought about the essence of art.

In my life, the most usual form of art for me is drawing, whichI have always practiced since I was a child.  In the past, the way I evaluated a piece of art whether it was “good” or “not enough”  depended on the drawing skills that this person has applied to the work.This atmosphere had shaped my understanding of art for a really long time. Earlierly, when I was judging my work or others, the first thing I would consider is the level of drawing skill, which made me compare my pieces with others’ and eventually ruined my confidence completely.

MHS provides me lots of opportunities to exlpore what art is. I have learned that there are so many ways that art can be. Therefore, I tried various form of art such as digital collage that I had never done before. Art should not be defined by anything. Art is art.