Student Artist Spotlight: Viola Quiles ’23

A series of photo collage portraits commissioned by Alessandra “Lexi” Alicea ’21 for the Gallery Class pop up show, “Rare Lineage.”

After Alessandra “Lexi” Alicea ’21 commissioned her work for the Gallery Class pop-up show, “Rare Lineage,” Viola Quiles ’23 created these inspired photo collages. Using borrowed studio lighting, Viola captured portraits of her father, brother, and herself, and then spliced them with images taken from old slides her grandmother took in Puerto Rico. With the help of her father, Viola learned how to use Photoshop to achieve her vision, while also learning and reflecting more on her Puerto Rican heritage and family history. Lexi also supported Viola as her curator, giving her feedback and encouragement as the project became a reality.