Student Artist Spotlight: Ziyu “Ivy” Zhou ’22

“These photos represent my love for and engagement with life.”

Ziyu “Ivy” Zhou ’22 is a photographer who loves to capture moments in nature and to emphasize the beauty of a singular object. In her sophomore year, she took Photography at Miss Hall’s, which proved “a decisive moment” in her life. This is her first photo collection. We asked Ivy to tell us a little bit more about her process.

Could you tell us a little bit about the process that went into each piece, and how it is meaningful you?

I made this series for my final portfolio for Photography II. Since it was my final project, I took as my subject all aspects of my life that year. There are about ten photos, and each of them represents an aspect of myself. I also used different photo techniques in each picture.  These photos represent my love for and engagement with life.

What were some challenges you encountered in creating these pieces, and how were they overcome?

I tried lots of different ways of shooting these photos. And I wanted to include all aspects of my life in the project, so finding a representative moment was difficult. Then I realized I was being too rigid about finding these moments, so I just relaxed and tried to engage with my surroundings.