Inspired Through Embroidery

For a project in Studio Art II, students embroidered their favorite celebrities on canvas.


Michelle Obama by Abigail Linton

Artist Statement- Abigail Linton
This piece means a lot to me. Getting the opportunity to learn about this craft was great. Through this I learned how to do embroidery and line drawing using graphite paper. Looking at the final product I am amazed at how all these elements came together to resemble this strong woman. I am happy that my first encounter with these parts of art allowed me to basically interact with Michelle Obama. I am excited for my next project and my hope is to continue working on inspired pieces.
Why Michelle Obama?

I chose this celebrity because her influence as First Lady has been astounding and she has become such a role model to young people, especially young women. I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to showcase her in our community.



Missy Elliot by Viola Quiles


Artist Statement – Viola Quiles

I personally really enjoyed this project. I learned patience and what we can do with just some string. The process of creating this piece was very long, but it was worth it in the end. By choosing the image that I did, I feel that I was able to capture Missy’s style and vibe in a 2D art piece.

Why Missy Elliott?

I chose Missy Elliot because she has had a huge impact on pop culture and music.


Benedict Cumberbach by Phoebe Wang

Artist Statement – Phoebe Wang

This is my first attempt at embroidery, so there were a lot of accidents in the process, but my enthusiasm of the love of characters and art helped me solve the difficulties. At last, I was moved to find that the finished product was much better than I expected.

Why Benedict Cumberbatch?

Benedict is my most favorite actor, not only because of his acting but his manners.