The Making of the Viral Mira Pin

The story of how Yaya Wang ’20 created a viral product.

March 6, 2020

During Alumnae weekend, Arty Party, a handmade crafts market sponsored by the 9th grade Horizons program, scored a big hit when they introduced the Mira pin, a pin featuring the likeness of the School’s founder and namesake, Mira Hall. They quickly sold out of all 150 pins, and the Mira pin went viral within the MHS community. It was even a coveted item among the Board of Trustees. The pins were designed by Yaya Wang ’20, with help from Studio Art Teacher Ms. Spangler and Ms. Basdekis, Director of the Horizons program.

The production of the pin took a total of three weeks. First, Yaya had to perfect her portrait of Mira Hall, after which Ms. Spangler contacted the manufacturer they worked with to finesse the final product. Everyone was very pleased with the result, and now the pin can be spotted across the community and beyond, since many alumnae bought the pin as a gift or souvenir. And, due to popular demand, Yaya and Ms. Spangler are now working together on a second production with even better quality.

To learn more about Yaya’s creation of the now-famous Mira pin, check out the video above.

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